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Adults Dance Too... Come Dance With Us!

X-Quisite Adult Stars

Ages 16+

XHD invites adults of all levels to join our dance classes. Our classes are designed to inspire, energize, and bring the joy of movement to your life. Embrace a non-competitive and inclusive space where everyone is encouraged to express themselves through dance, regardless of experience.  Our classes will help you stay active and fit while having fun and provide a great workout for both the body and mind.

Diverse Dance Styles:
From traditional ballet to urban hip-hop, our classes include a range of different styles, allowing you to explore and find the best fit for you.  Maybe it's all of them!

Inclusive and Supportive Environment:
At XHD, dance brings people together.  We host inclusive and supportive classes that allows everyone, at any level to create connections and enjoy the art of dance.

Fitness and Fun:

Our classes offer a unique blend of fitness and fun. Enjoy a dynamic workout while experiencing the creativity and energy of dance.

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