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Mentorship & Training Program

A Pre-Professional Mentorship Program: Nurturing Artistic Excellence

Welcome to The Mentorship and Training Program, "M&T", a program that cultivates a new generation of dancers who exemplify excellence, commitment, and a profound love for the arts. Designed for the extremely serious dancer, this exclusive program is extended to a select few whose passion for dance is not only nurtured but also celebrated. 

Meet Our 2023-24 Trainees

Program Features

Rigorous Selection Process

Joining the M&T Programs is an intentional decision.  Our rigorous selection process uses a well-rounded criteria intended to thoroughly evaluate candidates with the goal of assessing their commitment, passion, dedication, and readiness to complete this elite program.

Personalized Vision Boards

Trainees craft a personal vision board to serve as a visual representation of their aspirations and goals for the season. This sets the stage for a focused, intentional and customized training program for the season.


Strong Emphasis on Training and Technique

Develop a solid foundation for your dance career with a program that places a robust emphasis on training and technique. Master the artistry and precision that will set you apart in the competitive world of professional dance.

Weekly Private Lessons

Each week, trainees have private lessons, providing them with individualized attention to perfect their technique at a more profound level and target personalized skill development to help unlock their full potential.


Training with Master and Guest Teachers

The M&T Program thoughtfully chooses master and guest teachers who each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise.  These training intensives are crafted to enhance trainees' skills through specialized focus on a style, genre or technique.


Monthly Check-In Meetings

To help each trainee stay on track, monthly check-in meetings are schedule, featuring personalized progress reports and strategic plans for improvement. This ensures that their journey is not only transformative but also tailored to their unique strengths and areas of growth.

Additional Performance Opportunities

The M&T participant are provided opportunities to showcase their talents in additional performances, allowing them to shine on stage and gain valuable exposure in the community and the commercial industry.

Dance Resumes and Audition Preparation

Workshops are carefully planned, focusing on how to create impactful dance resumes, master audition preparation techniques, and gain insights on how to break into the commercial dance industry.


Industry Insight Sessions

These sessions provide a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the dance profession, offering practical guidance, networking opportunities, and tips to help navigate and succeed in the dynamic world of dance.

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