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Summer Dance
at XHD

Runs July 13th- August 5th


3-3:30pm Creative Movement (Age 3)

3:30-4:15pm Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo  (Ages 4-5)

3:30-4:45pm  Ballet 1.5 (Ages 7-11)

5-6:30pm Ballet 2 (Ages 13+)

6:15-7:15pm Teen Hip Hop (Ages 13+)


3:30-4:45pm Hip Hop 1 (Ages 4-6)

5-6pm Ballet 1 (Ages 7-11)

5-6pm Tumbling 1 (Ages 6-9)

6:15-7:15pm Tumbling 2 (Ages 9+)

6:15-7:15pm Jumps, Leaps, Turns, Conditioning 2 (Ages 13+)


3-3:30pm Creative Movement (Age 3)

3:30-4:30pm Hip Hop 1.5 (Ages 7-9)

4:15-4:45pm Tiny Hip Hop (Ages 4-5)

4:45-5:45pm Hip Hop 2 (Ages 10-12)

5:45-6:45pm Jumps, Leaps, Turns, Conditioning (Ages 7-12)

6:45-7:45pm Ballet 1 (Pre-teen/Teens)

*Hot In Heels (Adult Class) Pop-Up Classes in the Summer will be

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Summer Schedule/Pricing: Welcome
Heels Dance Class

Adult Performance/Video Program

From July 12th- August 5th

  • Beginner Heels w/Rhianna 

      (Mondays 7:45-8:45pm)

  • Beginner Hip Hop w/Shay
      (Wednesdays 7:45-8:45pm)

  • Hot in Heels Adv. Beginner 

       (Thursdays 7:45-8:45)​


*Includes Solo and Group Video


1 Class - $100

2 Classes - $135

Summer Schedule/Pricing: Image

XHD Summer Dance
Tuition 2021

*Based on Total amount of Hours in Studio Per Week

30 Mins - $60

45 mins/1hr - $65

1.15-1.5hrs- $85

2hrs- $105

2.5hrs- $130

3hrs- $150

3.5hrs- $175

4hrs- $195

4.5hrs- $215

5hrs- $235

**A person or family (immediate ONLY) taking a total of 8 hours or more is considered unlimited. **EXCEPTION: 2 or more siblings that take more than 5 hours each; tuition will then be calculated seperately.

Registration fee (non-refundable) $30/child - - max per family $60

*Includes all 4 weeks

*There will be no refunds!

*Students may attend other classes as a make-up

Payment will be due June 25th!

**For our new season a $25 dollar late fee will be applied to account (3) days after due date. Payments must be received on time!

Summer Schedule/Pricing: Text
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